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West of England Transport Collection

 Fleet List

Below is a list of the vehicles currently making-up the West of England Transport Collection:

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Registration Original Owner Date New Chassis Chassis No. Body Body No. Notes
UO2331 Dagworthy,Sidmouth Apr-1927 Austin 5PL 14697 Tiverton B13F(new c-/34)   Rebodied 8/40:In store
LJ500 Bournemouth 33 1929 Karrier WL6/1   Hall Lewis B40D    
DR7100 Southern National 3000 Jun-1930 Leyland Lion LT2 50957 Mumford B--R   Rebodied 7/38;Spares status
ABD812A Church(Royal Blue),Pytchley Mar-1931 Maudslay ML3BC/4LW ML34988 Thurgood C35F 506 New as NV30;Now PSL234
OD5868 Devon General 68 Jun-1933 Leyland Lion LT5 2605 Weymann B31F W953  
OD5489 Davis,Rockbeare Aug-1933 Vauxhall Cadet VY 17180 Mount Pleasant B6-   Rebodied -/46
VH6217 Bournemouth 12 1934 AEC Regent 661289     Tower wagon
AUO74 Devon General 79 1935 Leyland Lion LT5A 5716     Chassis front end only
CTA72 Devon General 261 1936 Leyland Lion LT7 11862     Parts in Crossley 4x4
ADR813 Plymouth Corporation 141 Jan-1938 Leyland Titan TD5c 15945 Leyland L27/26R   Rebodied -/53
BOW162 Hants & Dorset 9081 Jul-1938 Bristol L5G 461     Recovery Vehicle
EFJ241 Exeter Corporation 26 Jul-1938 Leyland Titan TD5 300639 Leyland O30/26R   Ex tree-lopper/snow plough
EUF182 Southdown 182
Jul-1938 Leyland Titan TD5

  Recovery Vehicle
EFJ666 Exeter Corporation 66 Dec-1938 Leyland Tiger TS8 300628 Cravens B32R    
FRU224 Bournemouth 40 1944 Guy Arab II FD26420     Mobile Crane
DKY712 Bradford Corporation 712 Jul-1945 Karrier W 50179 East Lancs H47/29F 5606 Rebodied 4/60
EMW893 Swindon Corporation 57 Nov-1947 Daimler CVD6SD 13437 Park Royal B32662  
Greenslades Exeter
9621E612 Duple FC33F
Exhib @ 1948 Com Mt Shw 
NNU234 Notts & Derby 353 May-1949 BUT 9611T 9611T126 Weymann H32/26R M4039  
JLJ403 Bournemouth 46 Aug-1949 Leyland Tiger PS2/3 492222 Burlingham FDP35F 3655 On loan to Crosville M/S 
KLJ346 Bournemouth 212 1950 BUT 9641T 9641T438 Weymann H31/25D M4306  
KEL127 Bournemouth 127 May-1950 Leyland Titan PD2/3 500169 Weymann FH33/25D M4282  
KEL133 Bournemouth 133 May-1950 Leyland Titan PD2/3 500239 Weymann FH27/21D M4280  
JFJ875 Exeter Corporation 75 Jun-1950 Daimler CVD6SD 14995 Weymann B35F C9328  
NLJ268 Bournemouth 258 Jan-1954 Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/13 532050 Burlingham B--F 5643  
NLJ272 Bournemouth  Jan-1954 Leyland Royal Tiger 
Burlingham B--F
RRU904 Bournemouth 267 Oct-1955 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/1 553658 Park Royal B42F B37665  
TFJ808 Exeter Corporation 50 Nov-1956 Guy Arab IV FD73287 Massey H30/26R 2250  
VFJ995 Exeter Corporation 60 May-1958 Leyland Titan PD2/40 581113 Weymann H31/26R M8049  
Devon General 818
AEC Regent V

Metro Cammell O33/26R

YYK765 Cream,Islington 1960 Bedford SB8 81225 Duple C41F 1120/422 For spares
301LJ Bournemouth 301 Oct-1962 Sunbeam MF2B TFD80202 Weymann H37/28D M9516  
991MDV Devon General 991 Apr-1963 AEC Reliance 2MU3RV4424 Marshall B41F B3062 For spares
201HOU Cooke,Stoughton 7 Jul-1963 Bedford VAS1 1411 Plaxton C24F 632677 For spares
6167RU Bournemouth 167 Sep-1963 Leyland Titan PD3A/1 L01408 Weymann H39/30F M728  
ALJ340B Bournemouth 40 Jun-1964 Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX 60929 MH Coachworks H44/33F    
AEL170B Bournemouth 170 Nov-1964 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 L21162 Weymann H43/31F M1528  
CRU103C Bournemouth 103 Apr-1965 Leyland Leopard PSU3/2R L21620 Weymann DP45F M1597  
CRU180C Bournemouth 180 Jul-1965 Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX 60938 Weymann CO43/31F M1917  
KRU55F Bournemouth 55 Aug-1967 Daimler Roadliner SRC6 36173 Willowbrook B49F CF1478 On loan to Reliance B/Wks 
UYO91F Unknown non-psv May-1968 BMC 250JU 7776 BMC M12-   For spares
ORU230G Bournemouth 230 Apr-1969 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 802640 Alexander H43/31F A55/3068/11  
VTY543J Tyne Valley,Acomb Aug-1970 Leyland Leopard PSU3A/4R 7001153 Plaxton C53F 709244  
WUO439K Taw & Torridge,Merton Oct-1971 Austin-Morris 250JU   Austin-Morris M-   For spares
XRU277K Bournemouth 277 Mar-1972 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 7104828 Alexander H43/31F J14/3268/32  
MPX945R Angela,Bursledon Apr-1977 Ford Transit BD05ST62337 Robin Hood C-F    
DBV43W Burnley & Pendle 43 Sep-1980 Leyland Leopard PSU3E/4R 7902252 East Lancs B47F 5712  
A749NTA Devon County Council(npsv) 1983 Ford Transit BDVPDM29083 Ford M8L    
L512BOD Okehampton College(npsv) 1993 Leyland DAF 400 CN938940 DAF M16-  
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